Nairobi residents decry decision by PSV’s to double fares

Kenyans were forced to bear the burden of a directive by the Government after Public Service Vehicles doubled fares to various destinations across the Country.

The Ministry of Health Sunday directed that, Public Service Vehicles shouldn’t cut commuter capacity by 40% in order to maintain social distance requirement.

Nairobi residents were the most affected with matatus hiking fares to cater for the reduction of passengers.

Kenyans took to social media to express their anger and seek the intervention of the authorities to deal with the rogue matatu operators.

One resident said it was cruel and inhuman to be charged Ksh 100 from Dagoretti Corner to Ngong yet on normal days he pays Ksh 30.

Another one posted “PSV are overcharging passengers with the reduced number of people per trip. Tawala Sacco is currently charging Ksh 150 from Utawala to Kencom, that’s the obvious law of economics! If the Government cared, they would have subsidized cost of fuel by 50%.”

A resident from Umoja said while it was good to follow the guidelines he had been forced to pay Ksh 150 from Umoja to the CBD which he argued is his budget for transport for an entire week.

Yet another from Kasarani said Matatus from the route had hiked fares from Ksh 50 TO Ksh 100 meaning passengers are basically catering for the empty seats in the vehicle.

Other Kenyans took to social media platforms to report public service vehicles operating in blatant disregard of the law, “A Kenya Bus Service vehicle is full to capacity despite the Government’s directive in regards to covid-19,” with the NTSA promising to take action against the operators.

And while many expressed their anger there were a few understanding ones. One saying, “If you can’t take a pay cut don’t force matatus to take one, they are in their “offices” too. Govt should zero rate petrol for PSVs.”

Another posed, “How are matatus supposed to survive without increasing fare when they carry barely half? Who’s wearing the shoe?”

One resident from Kitengela even had kind words for Rembo Shuttle saying “They are observing ‘social distancing’ and fare is normal. No wonder that sacco is always on the win. Well done for the good management.”

Yet a majority are of the opinion that the Government should reduce taxes on fuel and in turn reduce fuel prices so that matatus can maintain normal fares.



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