Nairobi residents raise concern over mosquito menace

Nairobi residents have raised concern over an alleged invasion of mosquitoes in the city.

While responding to a tweep who had wondered whether there was an outbreak of mosquitoes on Nairobi, Dr. Willis Akhwale a Special Advisor, to Kenya’s End Malaria Council at African Leaders Malaria Alliance, said that there was an increase in the habitats that make it possible for mosquitoes to thrive.

“Areas including unmanaged construction sites that hold uncollected debris especially stones are providing habitats for the Aedes mosquito in Nairobi,” he said and added, “Another type of mosquito the Culex is also growing in population and mainly breeds in broken sewer lines that hold dirty water, it has the shape of a helicopter.”

Dr. Akhwale who is also the Chairman of the National Task force on Covid-19 Deployment and Vaccination at the Ministry of Health warned that the two mosquito species, the Aedes and Culex, do not transmit malaria parasites but transmit more deadly viral infections including dengue fever, Rift Valley Fever, and Chikugunya.

A specialist in Tropical Medicine, Dr. Akhwale called for enforcement of public health measures in the city adding that intermittent rains are also facilitating intense breeding of mosquitoes.


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