Naivas, Ketepa team up to increase tea consumption in Kenya

Naivas and Kenya Tea Packers (Ketepa) have partnered to drive tea consumption in the country in a move aimed at increasing tea intake.

Available local tea consumption data from the Tea Directorate of the Agriculture and Foods authority shows that Kenyans consume only 5 percent of the total tea produced in the country.

“Shopping trends indicate that the younger generation (millennials) is looking for new innovations in tea,” said Mr. Kimani adding that this is a program dubbed “Its tea time” with Naivas and Ketepa is designed to reposition tea as a celebratory drink as opposed to traditional breakfast drink.

Ketepa Managing Director Albert Otochi added that tea is a healthy beverage which is the second most consumed globally, after water.

Speaking during an official launch event for the inaugural Kenya Tea Month, Mr. Otochi asked Kenyans to explore the full range of teas as well as the new innovations from Ketepa.

“We have continued to innovate tea over the years, and today we have more than 20 varieties, flavors and infusions designed to suit individual tastes and preferences,” said Otochi.

Kimani said that the firm had organized a number of interactive sessions during the month in which renowned tea barristers are expected to make several demonstration sessions covering skills such as tea brewing and tasting for the younger population.

The Kenya Tea Month, scheduled to run the whole of August, will herald the beginning of an appreciation journey that takes people from the original black tea to the very latest specialty varieties and collector editions.

“Tea is now more than a breakfast beverage and the cultural aspect of taking tea at any time has been catching on, albeit slowly. We now have white and purple tea and other blends that deliver fruity and herbal tastes for everyone and can be taken at any time of the day and anywhere,” said Kimani.

“We are targeting all segments of consumers, a young discerning market keen to explore tea not just as a drink but a lifestyle,” said Otochi.

At the launch, Dr. Simon Ochanda, a food scientist and tea researcher at the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya made a very insightful presentation on the health benefits consumers can derive from taking different types of tea.

During the Tea Month, Kenyans will also be educated on the healthy benefits of tea, methods of preparing various types of tea and how to benefit from its health attributes. At the same time the two partners will be rewarding their valued customers with very attractive discounts and offers.


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