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Nakhumicha comes to the rescue of struggling Nangina Mission Hospital

In a bold step to tame the tendency that saw faith-based hospitals bearing the brunt of systemic collapse in health and general development in previous administrations, Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha Wafula has moved with speed to mount a resolute campaign partnership between the Government and the said facilities in a crucial move aimed at attaining Universal Health Coverage.

On Thursday, she toured Nangina Mission Hospital in Busia where she emphasized the significant role played by medical private sector in provision of quality health care towards realisation of UHC

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During the same function,the CS announced that National Health Insurance Fund [NHIF] had paid Kshs 2.5 million out of a total Kshs 22.5 million owed to the facility.

She said that despite the high court ruling barring the operationalisation,implementation and enforcement of the Social Health Insurance Fund Act 2023,the reform will roll off immediately in not too long to reinforce the process of delivery of affordable health care.

“New laws in place are set to reform health insurance scheme because with the current structure of NHIF it was tailored for salaried people yet majority of Kenyans are not remunerable.Hence our intentions is to ensure each and every Kenyan is on Social Health Authority and those unable to pay for this service Government will come through for them.Today Kshs 2.5 million has been paid to the hospital and the remaining balance will be finished in the next few weeks after reconciliation of the pending figures so that whatever is payable gets sorted” she revealed

“I’ll also follow up with relevant stakeholders to ensure medical supplies and human resource is sufficient in this facility so that it discharges its mandate as expected. Local facilities are very resourceful in the delivery of affordable health care hence my plans to traverse all our dispensaries and health centres to establish gaps which we can seal through formidable partnerships between County and National governments” added CS Nakhumicha

The Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital Fr Faustine Wesonga lauded the CS for being the first Minister to visit the 70 year-old facility in the last 50 years

He urged Dr Paul Otuoma led administration to support efforts by the central Government in supporting enhancement of qualitative issuance of health care services at the local facilities.

“I want to thank the good CS for paying us a visit because this last happened in 1975 when Dr Taita Towett was the Minister. We don’t take this for granted and we’ll continue supporting the agenda by the national administration to empower health industry in Kenya.I want to suggest there should be government scheme to support needy and vulnerable patients most of whom are maternal mothers who come here seeking medication.There should be an MoU between the Catholic Church and CoG because as we speak there is little or no relationship as we’re forced to strain in bankrolling our operations due to lack of budgeting” remarked Wesonga

Founded more than a century ago by Christian missionaries, these facilities have filled a crucial gap in a public health system battling poor funding and inadequate human resources.

World Bank figures show that these hospitals provide about 30 per cent of healthcare in Kenya and up to 60 per cent in rural areas

The government ranks faith-based facilities as private and as such, they do not receive funding from the Treasury. They rely on donors, well-wishers and the user fees charged to patients, which are barely enough to run the facilities

Thursday development comes two days after the CS visited Lugulu Mission Hospital where she bailed out 100+ years facility following her intervention that saw NHIF pays 30 percent of dues owed to the Bungoma County based hospital.

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