Nakuru Level Five Hospital visitation halted due to Coronavirus upsurge

Visitation of patients admitted to Nakuru Level Five Hospital has been stopped forthwith, due to an upsurge of Coronavirus cases in the county. 

The hospital’s Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Aisha Juma said the high admission of Covid-19 patients has necessitated the immediate stoppage of visitation to the hospital adding visitors will only be allowed through express permission from her office.

Speaking on Friday, she said it would be dangerous to allow huge crowds of visitors to the hospital as it had a higher concentration of Covid-19 virus and yet the visitors had no personal protective equipment.

“In addition the hospital environment has always been known as playing a role in the transmission of infections and that is the reason children under twelve years are prevented from visiting sick relatives,” she added.

She urged the public to take the advice seriously and avoid crowding at the hospital gates, since the initiative was meant for their own good.

Recently the WHO confirmed that Covid-19 can be spread through tiny aerosols which is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in the air.

The constant increase of Covid-19 cases, especially in Nakuru town has however not changed the behaviour of residents who still board crowded matatus and walk around with masks pulled to their chin.

A number of them claim that they become breathless and keep on adjusting the mask for fresh air.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that 437 people tested positive of the virus during the same period after testing a sample size of 4,311, bringing the total number of positive cases to 43,580.

Out of the positive cases, 430 are Kenyans, 7 are foreigners while the 253 are males and 184 females.

The oldest is 94 years old while the youngest is a 4-month infant.

8 patients on a sad note succumbed to COVID-19, bringing the total number of fatalities in the Country to 813.

On the other hand, 140 people recovered from the virus, 72 from the home-based care program while 68 were discharged from the various hospitals across the Country.

The total number of recoveries now stands at 31,648.


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