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Nameless Denies Reports that he Underwent Vasectomy

Musician David Mathenge popularly known as Nameless has refuted claims that he had a vasectomy as a form of family planning. During an interview on Friday the artist said tha he and his wife Wahu have decided to close the chapter of having children after having three daughters. Nameless said they are okay with having female children only.

Today, through his social media handles the musician has explained that he has not yet gone for vasectomy but is thinking about it. He shared a poster done by one of the online news sources that claims he had already gone through the family planning procedure and clarified that he hasn’t.

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Nameless and Wahu were speaking at an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya at State House Nairobi where they were attending the launch of Talanta Hela. Wahu said she always wanted to have three children and now she is satisfied.

The Musical couple has three daughters Tumiso, Nyakio and Shiru.

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