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National Assembly Leadership Retreat kicks off with a focus on Building Synergy in Legislation


Speaker Rt. Hon. Moses Wetang’ula has urged the National Assembly Leadership to forge unity and collaboration among its members for smooth discharging of their parliamentary duties.

Speaking while opening the National Assembly Leadership retreat, Hon Wetang’ula said the House Leadership had a key role to play in ensuring delivery of their agenda.

“As members of the House Leadership we have a very critical duty to perform so as to effectively drive the National Assembly agenda. This can only happen if we are united and focused,” said Wetang’ula.

Under the banner of “Building Synergy in Leadership: Enhancing the Legislative Agenda in the National Assembly,” this retreat underscores the pivotal role of cooperation in advancing the nation’s interests.

The Speaker stressed the significance of transcending political boundaries and nurturing an inclusive atmosphere to tackle Kenya’s challenges and seize its opportunities.

He noted that the retreat aspires to leverage the combined strength of diverse backgrounds, ideas, and experiences to address intricate and interconnected issues that confront the nation.

“The agenda of this retreat encompasses a diverse array of topics, including discussions on the role of House Political Party Caucuses, strategies to promote bipartisan engagement, and transformative leadership within a presidential system of governance,” he said.

Speaker Wetang’ula lauded the 13th Parliament, citing its noteworthy achievements since inauguration.

These include the passage of 11 bills, the adoption of 95 motions, deliberation on 42 statutory instruments, and the responsive handling of important national matters.

He extended his commendations to Members for their diligent exercise of legislative authority.

“This retreat underscores the imperative for leaders to transcend partisan differences when addressing pressing issues like the high cost of living, inequality, youth unemployment, and climate change, all of which profoundly impact Kenyan citizens,” remarked Speaker Wetang’ula.

He emphasized that collaboration across party lines must be recognized as the linchpin for devising comprehensive solutions to these multifaceted problems.

“Addressing these challenges necessitates a well-structured legislative agenda within the National Assembly, wherein collaboration among leadership offices is pivotal for effective agenda setting,” Speaker Wetang’ula emphasized.

He further underscored that the retreat provides an exclusive opportunity for representatives to partake in thoughtful deliberations, share experiences, and discover common ground on diverse issues.

“The retreat’s significance is underscored by its role in advancing Kenya’s leadership in climate action, most notably with the recent passage of the Climate Change (Amendment) Act, 2023, in preparation for the Africa Climate Summit. Moreover, the National Assembly has graciously hosted peers from other Parliaments during the Parliamentary Dialogue Forum, reaffirming its dedication to legislative discourse,” Speaker Wetang’ula emphasized.

Speaker Wetang’ula took a moment to congratulate all the leaders gathered, recognizing the immense responsibility that comes with leadership roles.

He emphasized the significance of discipline in their roles, drawing an unconventional analogy to highlight its importance. “Discipline is the key to success, even robbers are very disciplined,” he quipped, prompting chuckles from the audience.

Addressing punctuality and commitment, Speaker Wetang’ula urged all leaders to be present in the house when sessions are in progress.

He stressed the importance of setting an example by arriving promptly and being ready to transact parliamentary business.

“When the bell rings, you as leaders should always be the first in the house to conduct business,” he advised.

Speaker Wetang’ula noted that the number of MPs forming the leadership office is sufficient to achieve quorum for house business, emphasizing the need for leaders to lead by example and ensure efficient parliamentary proceedings.

He expressed a sense of urgency regarding the occupancy of the new Bunge Tower building, which has yet to be utilized.

Speaker Wetang’ula disclosed that some parties had requested to occupy the finished spaces, but he had declined these requests.

He clarified that the building would remain a construction site until the contractor officially approves its readiness for use.

Speaker Wetang’ula assured members that they would soon have the privilege of occupying the new facility once it receives the necessary clearance.

He underscored the commitment to enhancing parliamentary operations and maintaining high standards of discipline among leadership members.

Speaker Wetang’ula called for transcending political divisions and unifying efforts to advance shared societal goals. He stressed that unity, notwithstanding differing opinions, remains the way forward. Participants are expected to leave the retreat equipped with strategies to propel the legislative agenda towards a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable Kenya.

Speaker Wetang’ula reiterated that collaboration and synergy in leadership constitute the guiding principles that Kenya deserves as it charts its path to the future.

Among the attendees included, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly,Hon Gladys Sholei,Leader of the Majority Party in the National Assembly,the Hon.Kimani Ichungw’a,Leader of the Minority party,the Hon.Opiyo Wandayi,Clerk of the National Assembly,Mr.Samuel Njoroge and all Chairpersons of the various Committee in National Assembly.

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