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Natural hair is the term used to refer to our Afro-textured hair. In recent years, a more natural approach to taking care of your hair has been the wave. Women (and men) are more and more saying bye-bye to using perms and relaxers and embracing the natural hair journey. But what are the basics to taking care of natural hair? The internet has an overwhelming amount of information with regards to caring for your natural hair and it’s easy to get lost in it. Especially now, when making your hair at home is the best option amid COVID-19. Once you have the following regimen down, your hair will be sure to prosper:

Clean your hair using shampoo.

Use a moisturising shampoo at least once a week to wash your hair. Moisturising shampoos do not contain ammonium or sulphates and do not leave you hair feeling stripped or tangled.

Deep Condition.

Deep conditioning is the process of treating/healing/restoring your hair. The conditioning process adds extra moisture and protein to your strands. After washing, lather your hair with some deep conditioner and leave it on for about 20 – 40 minutes. You can opt to stay under a hooded drier or stay out for longer.


Just like your skin needs moisturising, your hair and scalp do too. First things first, use a water-based moisturiser at least once a day then seal it with a natural oil. You may already be using a water-based moisturiser, just check the ingredients. If water isn’t listed as one of the first two ingredients, then it isn’t doing a great job at moisturising. The natural oil then seals in the moisture afterwards. Natural oils include jojoba oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, almond oil and the most popular one; coconut oil.

Protective styling.

A protective hairstyle is one that greatly reduces the process of manipulation, styling and combing. A protective style also fosters faster hair growth. Such styles include braids and twist-outs. You can also protect your hair by keeping it under a wig.

Avoid using heat on your hair.

Heat is very destructive to the protein bonds in your strands and removes moisture. Stay away from flat irons and blow driers as much as you can.

Once you have these basics down to a T, you can build on your regimen and use more advanced methods. Happy styling.





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