NCIC cautions Kenyans against turning revenue sharing debate to tribal issue

The National Integration and Cohesion Commission (NCIC) has cautioned Kenyans against turning the debate on revenue sharing into a tribal issue.

Commissioner Wambui Nyutu has said it is paramount for Kenyans to discuss the issue without disrupting the unity and peace being enjoyed in the country.

Wambui said political leaders have been making utterances that may incite Kenyans against each other as they fight over the third basis revenue sharing formula.

She noted that every Kenyan has a right to national resources and no one should feel more entitled to them than others.

“Kenyans should not turn against each other over the revenue sharing dispute. The debate should be steered towards ensuring everyone has an equal chance of accessing government services,” she said.

The commissioner who was speaking at Ihiga-ini Primary School in Maragua Constituency while inspecting renovation of classrooms, however, voiced her support for the formula proposed by the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA).

She said the formula is an improvement on the second basis formula which had four disbursement parameters.

“This new formula proposes 10 parameters that include population, poverty indices and landmass, and will ensure counties that were receiving fewer funds get more while those that were getting more get a small reduction,” she said.

Wambui said the formula equalizes all counties and it should not be perceived as if it is geared towards benefiting the central region.

“About 29 counties are gaining and only 18 will have their revenue reduced,” she said.

Senate postponed the adoption of the formula for the sixth time last Tuesday after members failed to agree and is set to resume the debate next Tuesday



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