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NDMA partners with educational institutions for afforestation campaign

The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) has forged a partnership with educational institutions to launch an ambitious afforestation campaign, aiming to plant 500,000 fruit seedlings within a year.

Koome Kiragu, Chairman of the technical committee at NDMA, disclosed that schools and tertiary institutions are the focal points of this initiative, which is supported by the European Union.

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As part of the campaign, ten primary and secondary schools in semi-arid regions will each receive twenty 10,000-litre water tanks to bolster rainwater harvesting efforts.

Speaking at Nkando Primary School, Kiragu outlined plans to plant 5,000 mango tree seedlings across 62 schools in Laikipia County during the current rainy season.

He emphasized the benefits of fruit trees, not only for enhancing nutrient uptake among learners but also for generating income.

Kiragu underscored the schools’ responsibility to nurture the trees until maturity.

NDMA CEO, Lt Col (Rtd) Hared Adan, revealed the authority’s target of planting five million trees, including fruit trees, by 2032, in alignment with the presidential directive to plant 15 billion trees within ten years.

Adan emphasized the importance of partnering with institutions, including schools, to instil environmental conservation values among youth and ensure they reap the benefits of fruit trees by Grade Nine.

Adan highlighted NDMA’s commitment to monitoring the survival of seedlings every three months, citing the distribution of water tanks for rainwater harvesting as a crucial component of the initiative.

He urged households to utilize harvested water for domestic purposes and tree cultivation, encouraging each family to plant at least five trees to safeguard the environment.

Beatrice Wachira, representing the Laikipia County Director of Education, affirmed the directive for school administrators to oversee the survival of the seedlings.

She emphasized the positive impact of fruit trees on nutrition and income generation within educational institutions.

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