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Neddy Atieno’s initiative boosted by donation from Extreme Sports


Former Kenyan  international Neddy Atieno’s initiative Fan 10 bob has received a boost after Extreme Sports donated Ksh.150,000.

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The initiative seeks to raise funds which will be channeled to several women’s football clubs plying their trade in several league.

“We will continue to support initiatives that aim to uplift and empower women in sports, but it’s crucial that systemic change occurs to ensure lasting progress for women’s football in Kenya’’,  Said Mr. Hussein Mohammed Extreme Sports CEO.

Hussein used the opportubnity to call for paradigm shift in magament of women’s football in the country saying funding of women soccer should be given a priority.

‘’It’s deeply concerning that in this day and age, women’s football teams in Kenya are still struggling to secure essential resources. The fact that Neddy Atieno has had to publicly initiate a fundraising campaign underscores the negligence and lack of support that women’s football has faced from those in positions of responsibility.

While initiatives like Fan 10bob are commendable for their grassroots efforts to support women’s football, they also serve as a stark reminder of the systemic issues plaguing the sport. It’s disheartening to see talented athletes and passionate teams hindered by financial constraints when there are resources available within the federation’’, a communique from Extreme sports read.

The CEO asked for transparency when it comes to handling the FIFA grants meant to develop women soccer.

‘’The revelation that the federation receives significant funding from FIFA to support women’s football makes the situation even more egregious. It raises questions about the transparency and accountability of these funds and why they are not effectively reaching the teams in need’’.

NNeddy Atieno is a former Kenyan international who turned out for Harambee Starlets and featured at the 2016 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations .She locally played for Kenya Women’s Premier League side Ulinzi Starlets as a forward.






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