NEMA begins auditing buildings discharging effluent in Kitengela

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has begun audit of all buildings discharging effluent on the road in Kitengela New valley estate upon summoning accused land lords.

The stringent measure by Environment watchdog was prompted by resident’s rampage over the weekend and highlighted by section of media.

Hundreds resident’s outbreak of dirt related diseases out of raw sewer discharged into the road by selfish land lords.

The discharge flows freely from high end rental buildings to nearby seasonal river to the chagrin of locals who has to endure the raw sewer menace. One of the houses is associated to a senior government officer.

Locals’ claims regional NEMA officers and Public health officer have been compromised by land lords.

However after the highlight NEMA director General Mamo B Mamo personally visited the area on Sunday and experienced the raw sewer menace firsthand.

Agitated NEMA boss said the situation was dire and a clear indication of high impunity to building owners floating NEMA regulations risking the locals lives.

Mr Mamo has summoned all land lords of accused buildings and ordered an audit of all buildings. He promised residents of decisive action to stop the menace. He said the said land lords will be taken to court and made to adhere to NEMA regulations.

He said regional NEMA officials who will be found to have ignored the residents cry will be punished.

This may be come with a reprieve to residents who remain pregnant with hope NEMA DG will be able to crack the whip.


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