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NEMA, KRA collaborate to curb plastic bags menace

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and the Kenya Revenue Authority will work together in the fight against the use of plastic bags.

During a visit to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Customs office at the Moyale One Stop Border Point, the NEMA Board of Management discussed new strategies to prevent the entry of plastic bags into Kenya through the porous border with Ethiopia.

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Isack Njoka, the Moyale One Stop border station manager, highlighted the need for an incinerator in Moyale to safely dispose of condemned goods, primarily fuel and foodstuffs.

Njoka assured the board members that the station does not permit plastic bags to enter the country.

In response, NEMA committed to assisting the customs office in establishing an incinerator through the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

Furthermore, NEMA plans to set up an office in Moyale to strengthen the enforcement of the plastic bag ban in collaboration with KRA through the Border Management Committee (BMC).

This initiative will be executed through the Border Management Committee (BMC) to eliminate potential routes and suppliers of the banned plastic bags through the borders.

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