Nepad, Economic policy reforms needed for agriculture financing

By Judith Akolo

Nepad Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ibrahim Assan Mayaki has called for targeted reforms in economic policies to help finance agriculture.

Speaking at the 12th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program Partnership Program (12th CAADP PP) in Accra, Ghana, Mayaki said policies and institutional capabilities at country level are needed to help in leapfrogging agriculture development.

At the meeting under the theme “Innovative Financing and Renewed Partnership to Accelerate Implementation of CAADP”, Dr. Mayaki questioned who the agriculture, which employs or provides livelihoods to 60% of the population while contributing 20-30% to Africa’s GDP attracts less that 5% financing from the national budgets.

“The Agriculture sector is the sector that could by itself enable to save the greatest number of Africans from extreme poverty while giving them their dignity back,”said Mayaki.

Dr. Mayaki said financing prioritization to agriculture is key to increasing productivity in the agriculture sector.

“I am positive that by the end of


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