New firm launches cab services in Nairobi

A new electronic hailing cab dubbed Share Cab has been launched in the Kenyan market hoping to ride on offering riders a 50 percent discount on fares if they use the share option feature in the App to share the cab with another rider.

The launch comes at a time when taxi drivers have expressed increasing discontent what they term as large commissions of up to 25 percent per ride by other taxi Apps.

The Kenyan taxi market has in the recent past witnessed a tug of war with traditional cabs blaming technology based cabs of eating into their market.

And currently technology based cabs Uber, Taxify, Mondo Ride and Little Cab are now reeling from the reduced taxi fares and have been on strike for the better part of this week.

The field is now expected to be even more interesting with the entry of a new App based Taxi Company dubbed Share Cab.

The cab set to charge drivers a flat rate of 2,000 shillings per month membership fee instead of commissions on fares.

Virscom CEO, Mwakio Ngale says this will translate to drivers earning more per ride which will further enable the company make inroads in an already saturated electronic taxi market.

The launch comes at a time when taxi drivers have expressed increasing discontent by what they term as huge commissions of up to 25 percent per ride charged by some taxi Apps.

By using the share feature on the app, riders can also get discounts of up to 50 per cent by sharing rides with other passengers on the same route while drivers on the other hand could gain up to 38 per cent on fares by carrying several passengers.

In a statement, Ngale notes, “My motivation was to create a platform where costs can be drastically reduced for customers and increased for drivers, in a combination that was smart, and also improved on our carbon footprint” end of quote. Share Cab, built by a team of Kenyan developers, also offers new features including an SOS button that instantly calls police and loved ones if riders see or suspect any foul play during a ride.”

The Cab is initially being launched in Nairobi before being rolled out in major towns over the next six months.

Within a year, the app plans to expand to international markets, including South Africa, Nigeria, San Francisco, Dubai and Toronto.


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