New hobbies to try out this year

Don’t shy away from new hobbies come 2021.

There has never been a better time to try out a new hobby; what with all the tutorials and free resources available online. The global pandemic probably has your creative juices flowing and has encouraged you to try out new pastime activities. Indulge yourself in the new hobbies because they will benefit you in the long run, both mentally and emotionally. A new hobby can even lead you to be more motivated daily and more productive in the long run.

Whatever kind of person you are, be it a recluse or an extrovert, you can try out these new hobbies in 2021.


You don’t have to be the next J. K. Rowling to start writing. It’s as simple as sitting down and writing a small prose everyday in a journal. Brainstorm a short story you’d like to write and write a bit every day. Once you’ve built up the everyday habit, you’ll find that eventually you have a novel. You can also find short writing courses online.



Quarantine had lots of people becoming plant parents and what a fulfilling mission that is! Do some research on the plants you can keep at home and those that you can grow in your garden then embark on the planting. Growing plants is a great hobby for your emotional wellbeing.


Give meditation a real chance this year. It’s not a typical hobby per se but carving out some time to be mindful everyday will do wonders for your mental health.


This is a great one for your physical wellbeing. Take a step away from constantly being couped up inside and take a hike in the great outdoors. You could find a nature trail in the forest (such as Karura) and eventually go hiking in the hillside.


Not only can cooking be a fun hobby but it is an important life skill. Spare some time out of your routine and learn hoe to cook something new, just by yourself. There’s so much content regarding recipes available online.


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