Mombasa police bosses refute claims of insecurity

Security agencies in Likoni Sub-county, Mombasa, have refuted reports of increased criminal activities in the area.

Led by area deputy county commissioner Mathew Wambugu, they have downplayed recent photos that have been doing rounds on social media depicting high levels of insecurity in the area.

The DCC has reiterated that Likoni is safe and urged locals and visitors to ignore the reports.

 “Somebody has gone to the photo archives and picked photos with violence that was meted long time ago during the issues of Mombasa Republican Congress (MRC) and post-election violence”

 “The person is juxtaposing the photos against recent incidents of assault and now portraying Likoni to be very insecure,” said Wambugu.

He was speaking during a security briefing for the sub-county that was ordered by the Regional Commissioner John Elungata following the circulation of the crime reports in the area.

Wambugu said that the situation on the ground is totally different as people are going about their daily activities.

He said that the area has in the last three months enjoyed tranquility and people have enjoyed peace with no incidences of insecurity because police officers have been on the ground doing their work.

 “We cannot lie, we have had some challenges because we have been battling some juvenile gangs, but I can assure you that we have contained them as we speak”

 “I wonder why one could start peddling lies when we are expecting visitors in Mombasa, this amounts to economic sabotage,” Wambugu said.

He said that the issue of drugs and illicit brews continue to pose a major challenge to security adding that the Regional Commissioner and the County Commissioner will soon launch a rapid response initiative to flush out illicit brewers.

The DCC further lauded community policing efforts in the area saying that they have been actively engaging officers and volunteering information and that is why Likoni has managed to clock three months without any major insecurity incident.











“It is through community policing that we have managed to bring insecurity levels down. We call upon them to continue volunteering information to us we shall as always to act upon it,” he said.

He further urged parents to monitor their children and know their whereabouts during this holiday and festive season so that they don’t fall into wrong groups that will compromise on their futures.

Likoni sub-county police Commander Timothy Mwasia said that they had increased patrols in the area to ensure both locals and visitors are safe and secured as they enjoy their holidays.

 “My men have been on the ground 24/7 and I can confirm to you that security in Likoni is up to standard,” said Mwasia.

The Likoni police boss also urged members of the public to continue sharing information with the police, promising that it will be treated with confidentiality and acted upon promptly.

Security in the area he said has been beefed since October adding that all identified hotspots in Likoni have been covered.

 “We continue to get officers from Jela Baridi and the GSU, so in terms of coverage, the so-called panga boys have no place in Likoni,” he said.

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