Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata addressing security officers.

Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata says the government will deploy enough police reservists in areas of Witu and Panda Nguo in Lamu County in a bid to boost security.

Elungata says the police reservists will offer support to the regular security personnel stationed in the region and provide an important first response to incidents of insecurity.

The security strategy move comes after two people were killed and houses torched in the eve of Christmas in Taa Village, near Panda nguo in Witu Division, Lamu West constituency.

Elungata spoke Tuesday during a Multi agency security meeting in Taa village of Lamu West Constituency in order to interrogate ways of  ending perennial attacks which are claiming lives of innocent residents and destruction of property.

“You have heard your governor while speaking saying the insecurity in the area will end by addressing the land issue so give the governor and the county commissioner support to solve the problem,” said the senior administrator.

Elungta who was accompanied by Regional Police Commander Titus Karuri,Lamu Governor Issa Timamy and Emanuel Tion of KDF troops operating under Operation Amani Boni (OAB)  confirmed the immediate deployment of KDF soldiers in the attack area to bolster security as a short time measure before a permanent police base was put in place in Taa village area.

On his part Lamu Governor Issa Timamy cautioned the residents to desist from divisive talks that will erode the government’s security by linking the attack incident with Al-Shabaab saying the attack is a land issue.

“This attack is linked with land problems in the area; we have a multi-agency county security team which will investigate the matter,” Timamy said.

Timamy said following the security normalcy disruption, more security officers will be deployed in the area to carry out security patrols to protect families in Taa village.

The Governor assured the residents that the county and national governments will resolve outstanding land issues.

The local residents lauded the government for their swift action to restore security within the affected villages by addressing the land issue which has created tension in the area after the night attack which was orchestrated by eight heavily armed militants who wore military regalia.

Taa Village headman Kennedy Luchu Wabwire confirmed those killed were 35-year-old Mwanza Ali Nyae and 30-year-old Rai Bingo Rumba. One of them was tied on the hands from behind before he was shot in the head while the other one was also gunned down as he tried to escape.

“We are being attacked during the night,as a woman where will a seek safety with my children and during the attack you are told to watch by the militias as they butcher your husband thats sorrowful.We are appealing as women as i shed tears let this insecurity attacks come to an end,” said Taa village Woman elder.

Taa village has about 78 households which translates to at least 300 people and borders the terror-prone Boni Forest where a multi-agency security Operation Amani Boni has been ongoing for the past eight years.

The Christmas attack is  the second attack and killing to be witnessed in Lamu this year, early January, 15 people, including four GSU officers were killed and at least 10 houses were torched in suspected Al-Shabaab attacks that rocked Juhudi, Marafa, Salama, Mashogoni, Bobo-Sunkia, Milihoi, and surrounding villages, all in Lamu West Sub-County.

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