State launches Guidance and Counselling Policy for schools/ Photo Courtesy

The Ministry of Education has launched a Guidance and Counselling Policy for schools.

The move is aimed at facilitating students to focus on learning and help them to protect themselves from distractions that affect their behaviour and school attendance, and their social development. 

The Director General, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr. Elyas Abdi, said the policy will help teachers and other stakeholders to guide learners on risky behaviour that may hurt their studies and growth and development. 

Dr. Abdi cited drugs and substance abuse and radicalization as some of the factors affecting students' focus.  

He said the students need protection against the negative influences through a robust guidance and counselling framework at the school levels. 

Dr. Elyas Abdi spoke during the launch of the policy at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. 

He said children need a safe environment at home and at school for any meaningful learning to take place, adding that there were cases where schools acted as rescue centres for children.

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