Kenya is hosting the Africa Prosecutors' Association Conference

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) is Monday hosting the 16th Annual General Meeting and Africa Prosecutors’ Association (APA) Conference in Mombasa. 

There are over 300 delegates from 40 African countries gathering to share best practices in prosecuting transnational organised crimes in Africa.

President William Ruto who is expected to make a keynote address at the conference which Kenya is hosting for the first time. 

The Africa Prosecutors' Association (APA) aims to ensure that prosecution in Africa is on an upward trajectory.

It also enables prosecutors in the continent to share best practices.

According to ODPP, the delegates will discuss how prosecutors and law enforcement across the continent can collaborate in facilitating the repatriation of proceeds of crime, how to leverage technology to track perpetrators of organised transnational crime, and how to tackle terrorism, illicit financial law, and money laundering across borders. 

The Africa Prosecutors’ Association was established in 2003 to enhance cooperation between prosecution agencies and authorities in Africa.

Also respond to rising transnational organised criminal activities in Africa, which undermine development, good governance, peace and stability on the African continent. 

Similarly it aims to prevent the continent from being used as a haven for criminals.

APA convenes annually to entrench its objectives and address the growing challenges facing African prosecutors.

The theme of the conference is ‘Strengthening Coordination and Cooperation towards Effective cross-border prosecution of transnational organised crime’.

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