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The Department of Probation and Aftercare Services is seeking to recruit Community Probation Volunteers (CPVs) in Mwala Sub County to help the department in the rehabilitation of offenders.

Sub County Probation Officer Esther Mwalimu said the department has already selected close to 40 applicants who will be subjected to interviews for the positions.

Mwalili said the successful candidates will join the other 37 volunteers currently serving under the CPV programme.

She however said the positions are purely on a voluntary basis and are not opportunities for employment.

"The programme is entirely on a volunteer basis. We are seeking to recruit mature persons and respectable members of the community, “said the sub-county probation officer.

Mwalili told KNA today in her office in Makutano that the volunteers will work under the guidance of probation officers and their duties will range from conducting social inquiries, verifying information, monitoring and supervising offenders put on not custodial sentences. 

She noted that after recruitment, the volunteers will be trained and equipped with the prerequisite skills and knowledge and will mostly be deployed in far-flung and marginalized areas including Ikaalasa and Kathama.

"Those areas have not had volunteers and will be given the first priority during deployment,” added the sub-county probation officer.

She disclosed that stealing, assault and being in possession of bhang form the bulk of cases that are given non-custodial sentences in the sub-county.

"Majority of those put under non-custodial sentences including probation and community service orders are usually petty offenders unless there are other mitigating factors that can determine otherwise, “said Mwalili.

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