Nyandarua County Senator John Methu

Nyandarua County Senator John Methu has Monday written to the Kenya Revenue Authority requesting all Kenyatta family business deals be subjected to an audit.

The businesses in question by the Senator include the merger of Commercial Bank of Africa Limited (CBA) and NIC Group (NIC) approved by the Central Bank on 27th August 2019: the former being owned by the Kenyatta family, Brookside Dairy Limited,    ENKE Investments Ltd and the buying of the 5G- specific spectrum license.

Methu, who wrote the letter on behalf of the Peoples’ Representatives from the Counties of Nyandarua, Nyeri, Kirinyanga and Kiambu noted that the business owned by the Kenyatta family has subverted the social goals of social enshrined in the Constitution by denying the public of revenue by nonpayment of taxes to the Authority.

“In promoting social justice, the Constitution under Article 201 outlines different principles to be applied in public finance. One such principle touches on tax and is to be found in Article 201 (b)(i) which states that the tax burden in Kenya shall be shared fairly,” read the letter in part.

He further indicates that the country is governed by the rule of law and not jungle law where some animals are more equal than others in respect of payment of taxes as stated above.

Disclosure of the process leading to the issuance of the 5G spectrum license in Kenya

Through a different letter, Methu has requested the Communications Authority to make public documents relating to tendering process and subsequent payment of the 5G license to Safaricom Plc in April 2021.

The documents being referred to include all relevant documents evidencing the tendering process to different companies in relation to the issuance of the 5G spectrum to Safaricom Plc and how much it paid for the issued spectrum.

“It is quite baffling that the process leading to the issuance and the subsequent payment of the spectrum to Safaricom Plc remains unknown to the members of the public up to date,” the letter reads in part.

Methu goes ahead to issue CA with a seven-day ultimatum to avail the information requested.

In addition, Methu underscores as the Authority is a State organ, it is required to adhere to the request made under Article 35 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

“In the spirit of fighting corruption in the country, the Authority’s response will indeed exonerate it from the above allegations and demonstrate it followed the due process in issuing of the 5G spectrum internet to Safaricom Plc,” the letter concludes.

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