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14 people have died on the spot after a lorry veered off the road to avoid hitting a camel that was crossing the road at the Kakwamunyen area along Lodwar- Kakuma Road.

The lorry that was being driven by a 33-year-old adult male at the time had 26 passengers on board as well as assorted goods.

The remaining 12 passengers involved in the accident sustained various injuries and were rushed to Lodwar County and Referral Hospital by the County ambulance for treatment.

The bodies of the diseased have since been moved to the same facility mortuary for preservation, awaiting autopsy.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the accident which occurred at 10PM Saturday was as a result of the heavy weight of the vehicle from the goods and the passengers onboard.

Police say that due to overloading, the vehicle overturned and landed in a culvert on the right side of the road occasioning the injuries of the passengers and the vehicle extensively being damaged.

The lorry has been towed to Lodwar Police Station pending inspection, and comprehensive investigations into the cause of the accident.

The National Police Service appeals to all motorists to exercise extreme caution on our roads and adhere to traffic rules.

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