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Azimio leader Raila Odinga has demanded the immediate release of Korogocho MCA Absalom Odhiambo.

During a rally at the Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi on Sunday, Odinga said that the MCA was arrested and taken into police custody.

"Yule MCA wetu wa Korogocho Bwana Absalom ameshikwa na polisi wamemueka korokoroni huko. Nasema lazima awachiliwe kabla haijafika kesho," he said.

Loosely translated, the opposition leader said that “….we want our Korogocho MCA Absolom Odhiambo released by tomorrow.”

Odinga in addition criticised President William Ruto over his crackdown on tax evaders.

In a passionate speech titled ‘The Kibra declaration’, Odinga accused the head of state of double standards in the fight against tax evasion and corruption, citing the recent multi-billion shilling corruption charges involving President Ruto’s allies which have in recent days been dropped.

Further, the opposition leader said Ruto should respect Mama Ngina for her contribution during the struggle for independence.

“You do not know where Kenya is from. She was arrested and locked up in Kamiti during the struggle for independence. She is in her 80s, why are you insulting her yet she is the age of your grandmother?” Odinga posed.

He told the president and his deputy to leave tax matters to the Kenya Revenue Authority and stop “speaking ill” of former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, describing her as a dignified figure.

Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta Saturday issued a bold response to recent political jabs directed at her family over accusations of tax evasion, saying that if she has defaulted on any taxes, her property should be auctioned.

Mama Ngina while addressing the public at the opening of the Tewa Catholic Church in Mpeketoni, Lamu County, spoke out against what she termed pointless politicisation of tax matters.

The former First Lady in addition said tax matters can be addressed through government channels and - if need be - law courts, adding that public rallies have no place in matters of taxation.

Ruto Must Go

The Azimio leader has reiterated his stance that President Ruto has to leave State House claiming that his August 2022 election win was not genuine.

"Our stand remains that Ruto did not win the elections. He got into State House by hijacking and subverting the will of the people. He must get out," he said.

In reference to the Kenya Kwanza manifesto on 'mama mboga' government, Raila said Ruto has instead established the opposite.

"Ruto promised a poor man's government, only to unveil a government of billionaires that has no room for the poor," he said.

Odinga went on to fault the government for abandoning its promises of lessening the high cost of living, saying Kenyans had been rewarded with the most "I don't care" administration.

The Azimio leader pointed out that Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza allies had failed to provide Kenyans with a solution to deal with inflation.

"Ruto found our people with a little in their pockets. Now that little is being taken away," Odinga said in reference to tax the tax row.

He announced that his nationwide rallies to mobilise Kenyans to reject President Ruto’s government continue next week.

Odinga said the Azimio coalition will tour Machakos on Friday, before heading to Busia on Sunday.


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