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Every Wednesday, 7:30p.m.

Next Meal features Joyce Owade is a freshly widowed woman living in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi. She lives with her three children namely Musa, a high school student in one of the top school’s in the City, Phiona a teenage daughter talented in sports and music attending same school as Musa and then there’s Beverly, the little spoilt brat pampered by Joyce and her deceased husband from their lavish lifestyle. Joyce has a best friend in Christina, her source of comfort and only true friend.

The screenplay begins immediately after the burial of her husband; Joyce, once a role model to many girls in the neighborhood ditched her position as a CEO at a major real estate company for a full time housewife role. This in turn made sure she gave her husband and children undivided attention, her lifetime goal. A thing she did without knowing what the near future holds for her and her family. Darkness was fast approaching.

Joyce has to start a new life alone with the kids, this time without their dad, the lavish lifestyle but lots of adjustments to make, first they must move houses, and she must get a job for survival, any kind of job, she doesn’t have a choice. Her husband’s family led by the brother-inlaw,Mark Owade is taking control of what is left though neither willing to support her nor the kids.


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