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NGEC, youth stakeholders to lead climate change initiatives

Kenya Young Members of County Assemblies (KYMCA) are making significant strides in empowering Kenya’s youth to tackle climate change head-on.

Speaking during a youth stakeholders’ coordination meeting held at the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) Headquarters Thursday, Ruth Bolo the Head of Programmes at KYMCA highlighted forum’s role in driving a nationwide movement to amplify youth voices in climate action.

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Bolo emphasized KYMCA’s relentless advocacy efforts for climate change legislation and increased budgetary allocations in counties.

She underscored the organization’s commitment to sustainable environmental stewardship through strategic partnerships with the National Government and initiatives like tree planting exercises.

Ms. Bolo emphasized the forum’s substantial investment in advocacy initiatives, in collaboration with NGEC and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF).

Notably, KYMCA hosted a transformative boot camp for its members and kickstarted a national dialogue on climate change via Twitter Spaces, aiming to raise awareness among young people.

Damaris Kariuki, Programme Lead for Gender Equality at HSF, underscored the significance of collaboration between NGEC and KYMCA adding that the collaboration seeks to foster dialogues that integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation measures into Kenya’s Vision 2030 flagship development programs.

Understanding the harsh reality that climate change worsens existing inequalities, especially affecting vulnerable communities who depend on natural resources, NGEC is leading the charge in adopting inclusive strategies for climate policies and actions.

HSF’s support extends to various sectors, including civic education, governance, human security, and women empowerment.

By collaborating with stakeholders, NGEC, KYMCA, and HSF aim to forge a path towards a more resilient and equitable future for all Kenyans, ensuring that the voices of youth and marginalized communities are heard and heeded in the fight against climate change.




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