Nguyai committed at enhancement of UHC

The chairman of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) board Lewis Nguyai has reiterated his commitment towards bettering health sector in the country through provision of accessible, affordable, sustainable and quality health insurance to all Kenyan citizens.

The former Kikuyu Member of Parliament has further made a clarion call to all Kenyans especially the vulnerable groups to register with the insurer in a bid to get quality health coverage as part of the Universal Health Care (UHC)programme that will lead the country to greater heights of development.

According to statistics, over one million Kenyan families had already been registered for the initiative since it started and that a further 220,000 would be registered this year as the state inches towards the target of four million families.

“Proximity to health care has been enhanced and people travelling long distances to seek treatment has been greatly reduced.Kenyans should, in context, look at this initiative by the NHIF to register everyone in a health insurance fund and appreciate what the government is doing.We are committed at bettering everyone’s lives through ensuring that affordable healthcare is at the doorstep of every Kenyan seeking medication over suffering from various kinds of ailments ” he remarked

Nguyai noted that actualization of UHC programme which aims at ensuring every household in Kenya has access to quality health care without suffering financial hardship depends on mass registration for life membership.

He added that NHIF is scaling up to achieve Universal Health Coverage through an insurance model whereby every household would be able to pay a small premium get access to health care.

“The annual contribution towards Universal Health Coverage is Ksh6000. The Monthly contribution is Ksh500 which will cover the principal member, spouse and their children. It is very affordable.

“The UHC will cover medical procedures such as dialysis, surgeries and even acess to mental health facilities,” he added

Last year in September, the August house approved changes to the NHIF Act, which now makes it compulsory for every Kenyan above 18 years to contribute to the fund.

The government-backed (Amendment) Bill will see all adults compelled to pay Sh500 monthly or Sh6,000 annually in a remodelled Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheme for outpatient and inpatient services, including maternity, dialysis, cancer treatment and surgery.

“A person who has attained the age of 18 years and is not a beneficiary shall register as a member of the fund,” a new clause, introduced last evening to the Bill states.

Official data shows over 25.36 million Kenyans are aged 18 years and above, meaning the compulsory contributions would have added at least 16.36 million contributors, nearly tripling NHIF membership.

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) programme was started in the country in 2013 with the highly acclaimed free maternity programme dubbed “Linda Mama”, which currently benefits over one million mothers annually


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