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NHIF probe: Hospitals accused of charging exorbitant amounts for medicine


It has emerged that some hospitals providing services under the National Health Insurance Fund, NHIF, might be charging Kenyans exorbitant amounts for medicine.

Appearing before the National Assembly Health Committee, Kenya Pharmaceutical distributor’s association Dr. Kamamia Murichu, who was a witness told MPs that the hospitals which he did not disclose, are dispensing generic medicine which is cheaper while claiming for the original hence making a killing.

The National Assembly Departmental Committee on health commenced a 90- day public inquiry into the alleged fraudulent payment of medical claims and capitation payments to health facilities by NHIF.  

The Committee members also put the acting Chief Executive Officer, James Kahuro, to task over the operations of NHIF, including the reduction of 7 billion shillings in investment capital between 2021 and 2023.

The issue of quality assurance also came to the fore, as it emerged that some counties did not have any officers while some were disregarded despite their recommendations from the ground.

In relation to the 8 health facilities under investigation for involvement in fraud, two have been conclusively investigated and fraud established.

The two are Amal Hospital and Beirut pharma in Eastleigh, Nairobi County. The committee will continue with its hearings on Tuesday next week.