Nigerians protest and call for Buhari’s resignation

There have been protests in Nigeria’s capital Abuja with demonstrators carrying placards written that #BuhariMustGo.

The demonstrations coincided with the country’s independence day anniversary.

Police dispersed the protesters by firing tear gas canisters.

It is unclear if anyone was arrested.

Human rights activist Omoyele Sowore had asked Nigerians to demonstrate across the country on independence day. He shared a video of the Abuja protests.

President Muhammadu Buhari in his independence day speech downplayed the enormity of the security challenges in the country and the crashing value of Nigeria’s local currency, the Naira.

Ignoring the kidnapping of more than 1,000 schoolchildren in the north west, President Buhari said that Nigerian security services had made tremendous progress and were winning.

On Twitter although some people are posting celebratory messages, many are criticising the government using the hashtag #NigeriaAt61


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