Njugush, King Kaka discuss GBV in new series

“I wouldn’t want that happening to my daughter,” King Kaka says.

Comedian Njugush has released the first episode of his ongoing YouTube series called Najali aimed at sparking conversations about contentious societal issues and provoking change.

The first episode of the series dubbed “Pride ya Mwanaume” is staged in an off-duty minibus (matatu) and features Kenya rapper King Kaka and an ensemble of Kenyan men who discuss the effects of Gender Based Violence on society, its normalisation and how men can step up in order to effect change.

Initiating the conversation, Njugush argues that while GBV is non-gender specific, statistics point to men being the largest perpetrators of the crime, prompting a debate about how violent childhood homes played a key role in normalising the vice in the first place.

During the debate, Kaka said that GBV had been such a common occurrence in his childhood that he had believed it to be par for the course.

“When I was growing up every household had incidences of Gender Based Violence, to the point that I thought it was normal. As a child, I witnessed my father beating my mother which eventually led to their separation but for the longest time, I didn’t understand it because I thought it was normal. I would see it at my neighbour’s house as well, so I never thought it was a big deal,” King Kaka said.

As many of the men agreed with him, he also said that it wasn’t until adulthood that he realised it was wrong.

“I am now a parent,” King Kaka added, “and I wouldn’t want that happening to my daughter. We must change our reasoning. Eventually, I realised that conversations must be had if we are to avoid transferring the same to the next generation.”

Additionally, as Njugush steered the conversation, they also discussed societal gender roles, the importance of an empowered man, the need to change and what it means to be a man in this day and age.

Watch the full conversation here.


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