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No amount of money will intimidate us to legalize LGBTQ, Pastor Dorcas

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has insisted that no amount of money will intimidate her to change her stand on LGBTQ in the country.

Speaking in Matura village,Ol-Jor-Orok Nyandarua County during the burial of Beatrice Gachengoh the wife to Apostle Stephen Gachengoh, Pastor Dorcas said the holy books, the culture and the constitution have all converged to disapprove same sex marriage/sexual relationships.

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“It is so unfortunate that many of us today are afraid to say the truth.When it comes to matters LGBTQ we must say what the bible says. We cannot and we must not move from that stand. No matter how much money will be used, we must stand by that truth. Male and female God created, he blessed both and gave them the inheritance to go and multiply, increase and have dominion. No other way,” she said.

“There is nowhere in the history where Christians, Hindus, Muslims and traditional leaders ever came to a place of convergence and agreed on something, but on this one they have all agreed with the law and constitution of Kenya that it is male and female,” she added.

Pastor Dorcas called on the church to speak in one voice against the vice without any fear of intimidation. She termed that as the true gospel that should be preached by all religious leaders in the country.

Pastor Dorcas said that nothing will change her position as a Christian to support LGBTQ in the country. President William Ruto and his Deputy have in the past said the country will not in any way allow LGBTQ.

Nyandarua Deputy Governor Mathara Mwangi lauded the efforts taken by Pastor Dorcas in the fight for the boy-child and the fights against alcoholism saying the efforts have been bearing fruits not just in Nyandarua but across the country.

Several fathers of faith joined the family of Apostle Gachengoh in the final sendoff of his wife who has been described as an epitome of love, unwavering faith, selflessness and friendly.


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