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No mortuary, graves, starving at Pastor Ezekiel’s church, Senate declares

The Danson Mungatana led Ad hoc Senate committee on Shakahola massacre has said there is no morgue or graves at the New Life Prayer Centre and Church as alleged earlier in a section of the social media.

Pastor Odero said that the house alleged to be a morgue, is a safe house that host a power distribution and control room.

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“We were told there was mortuary and graves here. We have not seen any morgue or graves as we continue with our fact finding,” said Mungatana.

Odero said there was no morgue or graves and was ready to take the Committee to all corners of the premises to ensure the same.

“The alleged mortuary is a power distribution for the church premises. This is where the media alleged there was a morgue. If there is any other I would love to show you,” said pastor Odero.

The committee spoke during a visit to pastor Odero’s church to verify the statements and testimony of the DCI and Pastor Odero who appeared before them on Friday.

There committee also cleared Pastor Odero of any links of preaching starvation to his congregation.

“We have six restaurants in the premises so that anyone who feels hungry can eat because the services are full day on all days except Monday,” said Odero.

“There are restaurants in here and there is no starving. He is not an accused in Shakahola case but just a suspect. There are a lot of people who have come here and as a committee we have come for a fact finding. We are trying to see if there are any links to the Shakahola but so far we have not seen any mortuary or graves,” said Mungatana.

Mungatana said Ezekiel had requested the Committee to visit the church and also look at issues that came up during the witness testimony on Friday.

“We are here to look at allegations first hand and we will look at the chruch and tomorrow we will be at DCI Nairobi so that Kenyans will know what is going on,” said Mungatana.

Odero said he was inspired and motivated by Pastor Bonke.

In his recommendation to tame rogue religious teachers, Pastor Odero said pastors should be given certificates of qualification.

He said the pastors should be under a mentorship program for two or three years.

Odero said there should be registration of an umbrella body for accountability.

“I was under Muiru for three years. While applying for a certificate they should be under an internship. Is good to be allowed to operate a church because you have an umbrella to watch you.The umbrella body is important for monitoring and guidance and they also have a mentor,” said Odero.

He said if you have no theological certificate a pastor should come with a letter from a mentor with a track record and also be given time to go to theology school.

Odero also stated that he has 15 million members online who have never stepped in the church but always follow his preaching religiously.

When he was asked by the senate to give his opinion on pastors having a theology degree, Pastor Odero said they should be given six to ten years to acquire the degree.

“The duration to acquire a theology degree should depend on the course. It will mean that those who never went to school should start from somewhere. And it can either be from five, six to 10 years,” said Odero.

He said that someone does not need a degree to be a pastor but should be under an internship for two to three year and be under an umbrella body.

Pastor Odero said the church should not be allowed to be infiltrated by quacks.

Adding that, it is important that we have rules to regulate anything that happens in church, mosque or temple.

“The regulations should not only touch on churches but temples and mosques including witch doctors,” said Odero.

He said preaching is a calling to some and a profession to others while some elements are out to con the people.

“There are many who are in preaching and are not born again and have no calling. So school and calling are different. There are those who do it as employment and others is a calling,” said Odero.

Odero explained that the church hosts 45000 congregants, has 42 doors that are always open with emergency doors that can allow in a vehicle to access the church.

He said they have 42 acres for building a hospital similar to Coast General Hospital CGH.

The Senate advised him to equip the church with an ambulance, a doctor and a fire extinguisher truck.

“You need a small dispensary, and fire extinguisher and a doctor. This is a whole town. Is an investment you should think of,” said Mombasa senator Mohamed Faki.

He said he refers patients to Kilifi referral.

“Have a doctor, a signage and an ambulances. Show people the emergency doors and exits,” said Faki.

Meanwhile the senate said they are expecting Paul Mackenzi and his lawyer to appear before them on Wednesday failure to which discplinary action will be taken against him,” said Mungatana.

“For Makasembo we have spoken with him and he affirmed they have received the summons and we shall wait for them tomorrow at 10am. If not the Senate will enforce its laws,” said Mungatana.

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