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No scripture will save you, CS Kindiki warns rogue preachers

Kindiki: Authorities are investigating several religious leaders involved in criminal activities.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has raised alarm over the increase of religious and cultural extremism practices in the country.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, the CS said authorities were closely monitoring several religious leaders involved in criminal activities.

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“We are actively investigating a number of religious extremists. Leaders of groups purporting to be religious groups but who are engaging serious crimes against humanity including sexual violence, slavery, torture, and inhumane and degrading treatment,” said Kindiki

“All criminals hiding behind religion your time for business in Kenya is over look for another business. No religion, no scripture, no legal provision will save you from accountability and justice. We will not fear you because you are invoking the name of God,” he added

Kindiki’s warning comes in the wake of the Shakahola massacre, where controversial preacher Paula Mackenzie’s cult-like teachings have led to 243 deaths and thousands of victims.

The CS further cautioned the youth against joining outlawed groups such as Mungiki which he said was slowly being revived in Central Kenya.

According to Kindiki, cultural extremism must be addressed if the country is to tackle challenges like cattle rustling in the Rift Valley.

“In upper Eastern and Northern Rift Valley the cultural extremism is in the perpetuating of some of the crimes we are fighting in that area. In the Central Kenya we have seen a reemergence of cultural extremism by groups which are prescribed under laws of Kenya,” said Kindiki

The CS urged members of the public to refrain from destroying property or forcefully accessing protected areas after a police station in Isebania was attacked by locals protesting insecurity in the area.

“Any member of the public who tries to access or violate the integrity of a protected area or a security facility will be dealt with in a very firm and final manner,” he warned

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