Noteable is the new platform for songwriters to get discovered

Spotify has launched a songwriter’s website called Noteable.

Noteable is for the people writing down lyrics, humming melodies, and crafting hooks. For the people boosting low ends, hitting high notes, and mixing the beats. It’s also for the people who discover, support, and connect them. Noteable is a new global home and a central space for the community of songwriters, producers and publishers to learn about everything Spotify has to offer, find new opportunities, and collaborate with each other.

The new website also comes with email newsletters, Instagram and Twitter accounts that will provide users with updates on relevant products and services, new programs or video resources, or just chances to connect. You will find relevant information on Spotify publishing analytics, Spotify for artists, songwriter pages, songwriters hub or SoundBetter, and you’ll find answers to your most common questions, plus news straight from Spotify and the music industry at large.

Later this year, Spotify promises to introduce a new series for students and emerging songwriters and producers, titled “How I Started, How It’s Going,” featuring world-class producers walking viewers through their career arcs. Over the next year, the site’s content will be translated into 18 languages.

Visit to get yourself on the way.


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