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NPS Airwing officers rescue five-year-old boy from floodwaters

In a remarkable display of courage and swift action, officers from the National Police Service (NPS) Airwing have successfully rescued a five-year-old boy named Mutuku Kioko, who was trapped by floods in Nduani, Yatta, Machakos County.

The child found himself stranded amidst rising floodwaters caused by heavy rains that have been lashing the region.

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Responding to the urgent call for help, NPS pilots led by Captain Chief Inspector Evans Okoth, First Officer Captain Chief Inspector Loise Wangui, and Flight Engineer Bernard Orimba, Superintendent of Police, swiftly flew into action from Wilson Airport.

Their coordinated efforts culminated in the safe rescue of the young boy, who had been left behind by his father, Martin Kioko, as water levels surged.

Following the successful rescue operation, Mutuku Kioko has been joyfully reunited with his family, bringing a moment of immense relief amidst the crisis.

According to NPS on X, the NPS Airwing, under the leadership of Commandant Captain James Kabo, Assistant Inspector General of Police, plays a vital role in facilitating various security-related aerial operations for government agencies.

These include observation, patrol, photography, aerial survey, as well as the dropping of supplies and security equipment, among other crucial tasks.

The NPS after the rescue extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Deputy Governor of Machakos County, Francis Mwangangi, who intervened on behalf of the people of Nduani by alerting Inspector General Japhet Koome of the urgent situation.

“This timely intervention underscores the commitment of both local and national authorities to safeguarding lives and property, even in the face of natural disasters,” NPS said.

In conclusion, the service highlighted that the successful rescue of Kioko stands as a testament to the dedication and bravery of the NPS Airwing officers, whose unwavering commitment to duty ensures that no life is left behind in times of crisis.

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