Nurses’ Union reluctant to call off strike

The nurses and the government have not reached any deal after hours of negotiations that took the better part of Tuesday evening.

The nurses’ union warning that it won’t be boxed to the corner to call the strike without any substantial outcome. 

The development comes after clinical officers threatened to go back to the streets following a disagreement with the governors over the January 1 2021 return to work agreement.

Three hours of closed door negotiations to end the nurses’ strike that has lasted for 28 days ended with no conclusive outcome.

The Kenya National Union of Nurses would come out of the negotiation room with nothing to show helpless Kenyans writhing in pain in public hospitals for lack of health services.

Nurses officials who acknowledge good will from the government however say they are not ready to end the ongoing industrial action without a clear commitment from the employer to address their grievances.

The Union’s Secretary General Seth Panyako says members will be patient and ensure a deal that will see protection of the front-line workers is reached.

But as nurse was inching to a deal, clinical officers are threatening to go back to the streets in 3 days following a disagreement with the governors over the January 1 2021 return to work agreement.

While the clinicians called off the strike following a commitment from the two levels of government to have all their demands met, the Governors say the demands are unrealistic and cannot be met owing to hash economic times.

In a statement on Monday the council of governors said they will not promise what they cannot deliver and wants medics to re-look at their demands.


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