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Nyakera promises to restore KEMSA’s lost glory

The Chairperson of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) Irungu Nyakera has assured Kenyans that strategies are in place to rebuild the country’s medical logistics provider.

He said the runaway impunity that had become synonymous with the agency is steadily being eradicated and that the institution will soon return to and even surpass its former glory days.

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“I know there has been a lot of noise about KEMSA’s past. It’s true KEMSA has had a difficult past but that’s what we are working on; to clean up the image and ensure that we are delivering as per our mandate to the people of Kenya,” said Nyakera on Sunday

Speaking in Laikipia, Nyakera noted that the new leadership at the institution is working round the clock to ensure previous troubles associated with it become a thing of the past.

“We have been engaging national treasury and the Council of Governors to see how counties can fully support KEMSA through payment of outstanding debts to KEMSA currently standing to the tune of Ksh. 3 Billion and to order all their medicine from KEMSA,” he said

In his appeal for partnership with counties, Nyakera made a commitment to ensure that over 90% of orders made by the devolved units are fulfilled.

He also undertook to ensure the delivery of high-quality of drugs from KEMSA. He said this is possible because the agency boasts of modern laboratories besides the introduction of strict procurement procedures.

Over and above these, he says the prices of drugs from KEMSA will be way lower than anywhere else and thus counties and other state institutions ought to make KEMSA their primary supplier of medicine.

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