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Nyamira MCAs finalize plans to impeach Governor over alleged incompetence

Nyamira Members of the County Assembly have finalized plans to table a motion seeking to impeach Governor Amos Nyaribo over incompetence.

Led by the Leader of Majority in the County Assembly, MCA for Nyamira Township Ward Duke Masira, the county legislators say they cannot stand the level of corruption by Governor Amos Nyaribo.

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The complaints from the assembly stemmed from a myriad of unfinished and several stalled development projects in the county.

“We have received several complaints from members of the public that since they elected us into office last year in various wards, they are not seeing any development projects being undertaken in their wards or completion works for the stalled projects. They have threatened to do demonstrations because we are not performing. Our governor is unable to substantiate the expenditure of county resources in various administrative wards. Instead, he has turned out to be arrogant, alleging he cannot be shaken by our threats to impeach him because he is in charge of the county,” MCA Duke said.

“A minimal number of Members of the County Assembly are objecting our plan but I’m sure those in support will carry the day because we want to have a leader who is development-conscious and can help our county stand out in the implementation of the development projects for its people who are taxpayers just like any other Kenyan,” Duke noted.

Kiabonyoru ward MCA Vincent Benecha affirmed that they have collected 28 signatures out of 34 and have presented them before the Clerk of the Assembly so that he could also prepare an order paper for the impeachment motion of the Governor.

“We have been mandated with legislation and oversight responsibilities and any impeding factor or person who will hinder us from executing this mandate legally entrusted to us by our Constitution will definitely be dealt with in accordance with the law,” Benecha commented.

Nominated MCA Abigael Matini said they could not be intimidated by any bribery to stop their course because it is the helpless common citizen who is suffering and it is the duty of their leaders to fight for their rights because all we want is to ensure that we have a leader who could perform in accordance to his/her oath of office.

The MCA has confirmed they will table Governor Amos Nyaribo’s impeachment motion before the assembly on Tuesday 26th September 2023.

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