Obado sired Sharon Otieno’s unborn baby, Government Chemist confirms

Obado sired Sharon Otieno’s unborn baby, Government Chemist confirms

Government Chemist John Kimani Mungai has Wednesday revealed that Sharon Otieno’s unborn child was fathered by Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado.

The DNA profiles that were tested were generated from buccal swabs from Sharon Otieno, Michael Juma Oyamo, the foetus and Obado.

According to the chemist’s report, “there are 99.99 % + chances that Obado is the biological father to the donor of the DNA generated from the foetus.”

The report which was signed on the 11th of March 2020 also indicated that DNA samples collected from a blood-stained jumper jacket, trousers and open shoes, vaginal swab and brazier matched DNA generated from buccal swabs labelled Sharon Otieno.

Mungai through the report further said the DNA from the semen in the condom (six C) was of unknown male origin and doesn’t match any of the three accused persons.

On Tuesday, the second witness, Lilian Saka from the Department of the Criminal Investigation, in the murder hearing case of the Rongo University student took the stand and presented photographs to the court of how the bodies of the late Sharon and her unborn baby were allegedly discovered at the Kodera forest, in Homa Bay County.

According to Saka’s testimony, the DCI also took photographs of items recovered from the scene by officers from Oyugis Police station that included a torn condom wrapper, a stained trouser, a stained jacket with an Adidas logo and a stained under pant among other pieces of evidence.

The Murder trial which involves Obado, Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero, kicked off on Monday.

The trial will run until 15th July 2021 at Milimani High Court.

In its opening statement, the office of The Director of Public Prosecutions through SADPP Catherine Mwaniki said the prosecution is prepared and ready to prove beyond reasonable doubt through the testimony of 35 witnesses that accused committed the offences they are charged with.

Witnesses in the case include government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor who with his presented an in-depth analysis of forensic capabilities on how the late Sharon was murdered with her unborn baby three years ago.

Chief Govt. Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor confirmed he conducted autopsy on the two bodies and confirmed that cause of Sharon’s death was severe hemorrhage, trauma and manual strangulation.


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