Controversial Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare has been ordered to cease the publication of “defamatory posts” on social media about personality Yvonne Mugure and her mentor Christine Lewis, now known as Christine Muturi.

This comes days after Obare began publishing “an exposé” about Westwick College operated by Christine Lewis, which he claims has defrauded students of their hard-earned money.

The Milimani court issued an injunction signed by Honourable Becky Mulemia in response.

“…in the interim pending the hearing and determination of this application, a temporary injunction is issued against the Defendant from further publication and extraction of defamatory online posts to X under his user name @edgarobare declaring that Christina Lewis is a convicted investor fraudster,” the order read.

In a press conference, Mugure’s and Lewis’ lawyer, Mwenda Njagi, denied the allegations that the two were fraudsters.

“First and foremost, the accusation itself is flawed. 

“Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code is a provision primarily designed for corporate reorganisation. 

It does not apply to an individual, and the proprietor of Westwick College definitely did not file in her personal capacity and has never filed for bankruptcy.”

He further added that his client Lewis was known for her remarkable achievements in business.

“Christine Lewis, known for her remarkable achievements in the business world since she was 18 starting from pharmaceutical company, group homes for the elderly to Hospice agencies all over the United States.”

Obare responded to the injunction by saying his legal team would defend their “position accordingly”.

“My legal team responded to their demands and we will defend our position accordingly. 

“As there is a temporary injunction by the court, I will refrain from commenting further until the case is determined,” he said.

The case will be heard again on February 19.