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Ogiek community in Narok decries latest evictions in Sasimwani

Over 1000 members of the Ogiek community in Sasimwani were left in distress after eviction from their homes early Thursday.
The group is counted as part of the encroachers despite previous acknowledgement that it is part of the indigenous forest dwellers.
The evictions come just a day after the KPSEA and KCSE examination that ended on the 1st of November.
A number of houses have so far been brought down and the families have been left to spend the night in the cold of October.
The Forest community of Sasimwnai says it has been living in harmony with nature for centuries, but that they are increasingly being threatened by deforestation and logging activities from external actors that destroy their homes and resources.
They acknowledge that have no legal rights to the land they occupy, even as they disclose facing violence, intimidation, and displacement as the government seeks to fence off the area they consider their home.
The Ogiek community has successfully litigated over their claim to stay and occupy the forest even engaging the African justice mechanism.
In 2017 and 2022, the African Court on Human and people’s rights agreed with the community recognizing their rights and instructing the government to provide for their reparations including granting of collective right to land and compensation for moral and material damages.
The court further underscored non repetition of violations and meaningful consultation in decisions that affect the community.
Forests are vital for regulating the Earth’s climate, storing carbon, and providing essential ecosystem services.
The Ogiek believe that by evicting them from the forest, the country is losing not only their valuable knowledge and culture, but also their role as guardians of the forest.
The community is calling on the state to immediately halt the eviction and engage them in dialogue to find lasting solution to the problem.

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