One on one with Mbogi Genje

“Sheng yetu ni ya Mahustler,” says Smadi Tings of Mbogi Genje

Words: Nzula                             Interview: Grapevine

Mbogi Genje is one of Kenya’s most recognised Gengetone artists both in the underground and after their hit “Kidungi” in the mainstream music scene. Comprising of Malaka Yuen aka Militan, Teddy Ochieng aka Guzman and Antony Odhiambo aka Smady Tingz, the trio of rappers have had an amazing year from performing at Nai Fest to being among the main acts at the Gengetone Festival all amid a pandemic.

In a recent interview, the trio said that even though the COVID-19 pandemic had made making a living hard, Mbogi Genje would continue to create and release music on their online platforms saying, “This pandemic might be here for longer and as artists, we cannot depend on government aid which might not arrive in the long run. That is why we have to develop our own means of surviving during the pandemic.”

In the years they have been in the spotlight, the group has maintained that their music and specifically “their language” is geared toward a particular audience, the hustler. The everyday Kenyan who works hard to make ends meet and in 2020 they have proven their music is true to who they are as well.

KBC’s Grapevine caught up with Mbogi Genje at the just recently concluded Nai Fest and had a conversation about the disappointment that was the Gengetone Festival and the longevity of the Gengetone genre.



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