Onesimus Muzik, a Malawi-born Afro-pop sensation, has released a video for his hit song “Controller” and is gearing up for an exciting tour across the country. 

His upcoming collaboration with Kenyan artists promises to ignite even more excitement in the local music scene.

Based in South Africa, Onesimus recently unveiled his latest project, the seven-track EP I Am Strong. 

With songs like ‘Runaway’, ‘Bygones’, and ‘Love Again’, the EP offers a soul-stirring journey through the intricacies of love, resistance, and the pursuit of genuine connections, showcasing Onesimus’ exceptional vocal prowess and songwriting skills.

Through his deeply personal lyrics and soulful melodies, Onesimus invites listeners into the complex world of love, touching on themes of apology, anticipation, resilience, and the courage to embrace love anew. 

“I Am Strong” isn’t just an EP; it’s a heartfelt exploration of the human heart, delivering a powerful message of love, acceptance, and the enduring strength of relationships,” he said of the album.

The EP is available to stream on all digital platforms.

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