Operations in Dadaab refugee camp remain paralyzed

Operations in the expansive Dadaab refugee camp remain paralyzed for the second week following protests by the host community against United Nations High commission for Refugees.

The host community is demanding replacement of the head of operations and his assistant at the Dadaab refugee camps. Key operations such as distribution of food to the camps and medical services have been hampered.

Crucial Medical services have also been hampered as most specialists are housed in the Dadaab based headquarters.

A section of leaders and elders have vowed not to allow any activity to take place in the camps until the UN high commission replaces the head of operations at the Dadaab refugee camps Jean Bosco and his assistant Ivana Unluova.

Led by Dmajale MCA Diriye Abdi, they accuse the two of making decisions without consulting and involving the local leadership.

The host community claimed UNCHR has given notice of termination of employment to more than 100 youths from the host community amid claims that refugees are destroying the environment.

Following the protests, UNHCR is set to meet with local leadership to resolve the outstanding issues.



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