Opinion poll: BBI an attempt to influence the 2022 election

31% of Kenyans say they would vote to reject the Building Bridges Initiative while 19% would vote “Yes” if it were subjected to a referendum.

This is according to a survey by TIFA research where 1550 respondents were sampled.

“Almost twice as many Kenyans say they would vote “no” to reject the BBI Constitutional Amendment bill as would vote “yes” to approve it (31% vs. 19%), with another substantial proportion (18%) stating they would not vote at all,” The poll indicates.

According to the research, only about one-third of Kenyans voiced their support towards making any changes to the Constitution before next year’s elections.

The poll further revealed that only 50% of Kenyans have decided how they will vote for the BBI while another 50% are undecided, not willing to or not sure.

The highest level of support for the BBI reform proposals is in Nyanza with 28% saying they would vote Yes followed by Coast where 23% would vote yes.

On perceived motivations for the BBI, 43% said the initiative is an attempt by certain politicians to influence the 2022 presidential election.

29% believe President Uhuru Kenyatta’s main motivation in supporting BBI is to influence/control the election for the next President, while 50% believe ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga’s main motivation is to increase his chances of being the next President.

A majority of those supporting BBI cited the increased budgetary allocation to counties and the creation of the Ward Development Fund as the main reasons they would support it.

This even as 10% of those who would vote “NO” singled out the increased budgetary allocation to counties and use of government resources to promote BBI as the reasons they wouldn’t support BBI.

In terms of political affiliation, 59% of ODM supporters would vote “Yes” for the BBI while 13% would vote “No” and 12% are undecided.

25% Jubilee supporters said they would vote “YES” while 31% said they would vote “NO” and 11% are undecided.

9% of UDA supporters on the other hand expressed support for the BBI while 57% said they would vote “NO” and 6% are undecided.


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