Organic fertilizer helping farmers produce high-quality produce

Use of organic fertilizer and efficient utilization of water is helping farmers Mitunguu Meru County produce high-quality produce that has attracted a lot of interest from buyers.

The farmers who rely on water from the Mitunguu Irrigation Scheme attribute high yields to using manure gathered from their farms. Our reporter Allan Aoko was in Mitunguu has the details.

Rows of fruits and vegetables for as far as the eye can see.

This is just one of the many farms that dot Kenya’s countryside and from where many counties source their food.

In Mitunguu Meru County, farmers are a happy lot because despite the previous challenges they are hopeful that the scalability of their farms can assist the country to achieve a greater level of food security.

These farms are a beehive of activities during the day as buyers comb through to secure produce which is said to be of high quality.

Farmers here attribute this to use of organic fertilizer and good husbandry.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, weather conditions, especially in the central region, will continue to be favorable meaning these farmers would reap good harvests.

Farmers appear to have overcome the traditional challenges such as infrastructure by growing produce that is less farm intensive and require less maintenance.

This could be a model that could be replicated in most parts of the country.


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