Otile Brown issues statement following deletion of music from YouTube

Otile has had his biggest hits mysteriously deleted from YouTube.

It has been five days now since Otile Brown’s tracks were mysteriously removed from YouTube. On the 6th of October, fans awoke to the shock that their favourite Otile songs had disappeared from the platform. It’s not just random songs but his biggest songs. They include ‘Dusuma’, ‘Chaguo La Moyo’, ‘Baby Love,’ ‘Hi’, ‘Watoto Na Pombe’, ‘In Love’, ‘Samantha’, ‘Aiyana’, ‘Crush’, ‘Regina’, ‘Ndagukunda’, and ‘Jamila’.

From an Instagram Live video that Otile did a couple of days ago, it seems the deletion could be intentional and malicious. In the live, Brown alluded to the fact that whoever deleted the videos is known to his team. “The game is focused on the wrong things, bro. You have pulled down all the big songs… For what reasons, bro? What have we done to you, bro?” He questioned.

The soulful singer has now released a statement to address the issue. In it, Otile confirms that although his team cannot get into specific reasons as to what led to the deletion, they are working on having the music restored.

Check out the full statement:

This isn’t the first time Otile has had his music pulled down from YouTube. Back in July, his song ‘Fight’ featuring King Kaka was pulled down over copyright claims.


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