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Our decisions not aimed at hurting citizens, Mudavadi says

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi now says tough measures taken by the government targeting the economy are not meant to hurt Kenyans but benefit them in the long run.

Mudavadi says it took courage and strategy for President William Ruto’s administration to undertake policy reforms to put the country on the path to prosperity.

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The PCS insists that though some of the measures are painful to implement, it is for the good of Kenyans.  He says some of the choices made were neither easy, populist nor convenient but meaningful, appropriate, and necessary.

“I want to assure Kenyans that no government makes decisions knowingly to hurt its citizens. With the current economic situation in the country, which has also affected our social livelihoods, we had to explore what might be in the short-term painful, but in the long-term will be gainful,” said Mudavadi

In his New Year’s message to the country, Mudavadi, also Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, gave an assurance to Kenyans that the government is working towards investing in alternative approaches to address challenges facing the country, especially as far as Kenya’s debt obligations are concerned.

“Let us collectively turn the tide. We can no longer continue digging the hole but look for ways of getting out of the hole,” he explained.

The Prime CS reiterated Kenya Kwanza’s commitment to fulfill promises made to Kenyans during campaigns leading to the August 2022 elections.

“Together, we should take advantage of emerging opportunities to build a more inclusive and prosperous Kenya,” said Mudavadi.

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