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Over 15,000 litres of illicit brew destroyed in Nyahururu

Administrators in Nyahururu have destroyed over 15000 litres of illicit brew.

The latest raid brings to 100,000 liters netted so far in the county since a nationwide crackdown on illicit liquor and psychotropic substances was launched early this year.

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The brew was being brewed at a temporary distillery inside Shamanek forest, on the banks of Shamanek river.

The officers combed the forest and found two metallic boilers used for distilling.

Also recovered in the forest were 30 metallic and plastic containers, 250 litres each, buried underground.

The containers had raw brew locally identified as Kangara used to make chang’aa.

The authorities led by Maina village Senior Chief, Waithaka Muraya also spilled 150 litres of chang’aa destined for sale.

The area chief and his assistants put illicit brewers on notice saying their days are numbered.

“We have been engaging in a cat-and-mouse game with the brewers here. Every time we raid their operation bases, they change tactics and boiling areas. Recently, they have found refuge in the forests but we are going after them in their hideouts until we paralyze their operations”.

“We must ensure that killer brews are a thing of the past, especially in this area of Nyahururu. We thank the public for always alerting us on time and giving us pointers to where the illicit brews are being prepared,” said Muraya.

The administrators also called for a multi-agency approach to win the war against unregulated brews.

He said concerted efforts bringing together stakeholders including the Kenya forestry officers would bear much fruit.

The area chief however pointed out that the judiciary was the weak link for imposing lenient fines and sentences hence thwarting the fight against alcoholism.

Reporting by Lydia Mwangi

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