Over 3,000 NGO’s put on the spot for non-compliance

The Non Governmental Organization Co-ordination Board has put on the spot about 3,000 organizations countrywide for non-compliance to operation laws.

The NGO’s regulator has warned defiant actors risks saying they risk deregistration for failing to submit their audit annual reports of their activities to the regulator.

NGO’s board member Nichodemus Bore said the board is banking on the NGO’s act, which is awaiting gazettement after going through parliamentary process that when passed will streamline the sector that is believed to have been infiltrated by unscrupulous actors.

“We want to ensure that all NGOs are registered and do their returns, we have over 11,000 of them in the country and so far we have over sighted about 8,000 of them, so we have about 3,000 left, we encourage them to put their books in order,” said Bore.

Bore made the remarks during the commemoration of NGO’s week in Matuga Kwale County where alongside Helping Hand (Pwani) a charitable organization based in Mombasa organization, unveiled a borehole water project at the God’s Children orphanage to help about 500 needy children in the orphanage.

Bore challenged NGO’s to solely focus on sustaining livelihoods of the vulnerable communities in the country, as per their mandate as it promised to conduct a countrywide crackdown on defaulters.

According to the founders Habib Hakem and Kareem Mohamed, the organization was touched by the plight of the less fortunate members of the society since the outbreak of the pandemic among them vulnerable children in orphanages.

Hakem, challenged well wishes to come out in large numbers and delivery an helping hand during this Month of Ramadan. Helping Hands (Pwani) runs its operations through social media under the theme ‘together we can’.

They said the organization mainly works with the less fortunate in the society targeting Children’s Homes and needy households by assisting them with food aid, construction aid, health and education aid.

The nongovernmental organization in collaboration with other entities is planning to distribute food stuffs to over 1,000 families across coastal counties during this Ramadhan week.

“We are going to distribute food stuffs to deserving families in the entire coast, we are going to ensure that no deserving muslim who is observing Ramadhan will suffer during the period,” Bore said.

Maimuna Athman,a partner of Helping hand Pwani,and  who heads an initiative called red spot initiative says about 300-400 girls at the coast are targeted in reproductive health hygiene,a plan targeting to save girl Child from societal ills.

The Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board is a State Corporation established by the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act (Cap 19) of 1990. The Board has the responsibility of regulating and enabling the NGO sector in Kenya.


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